With over 30 years in the modeling and entertainment industry , Lianabel International provides a wide range of services and courses to help you on your path to success inside this competitive industry.


Our team of experienced professionals will help you achieve your goals.


Our models have the opportunity to appear in local, national and international exposure opportunities.


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Our services

We offer a wide range of services that goes beyond the expectations.


Ask about our courses and how to register today. Our course catalog includes modeling clases, acting, photography, music and more.


We over 30 years of experience in the Modeling industry, we are just the right solution to help you prepare your modeling future.

TV and More

Great Personalities are not Born… They're Made! If you are looking to become the next face on TV or marketing campaign, we can help you reach your goals.


We offer personalized "one on one" coaching to help you improve your skills or to help you reach your goals.

Lianabel Rosario

Mrs Lianabel Rosario is the proud owner of Lianabel int’l. Since 1986, Mrs Lianabel Rosario was awarded a plugue  «Eternal Beauty Queen», named by the Puerto Rico Senate in April 13, 1998, winning over 13 Beauty Queen Titles in different parts of the world. Between Miss Puerto Rico, Miss PR World, The Face of 90’s «Cara de Imagen», Star Search Model, Miss Banana Boat, Miss Hispanic of PR, The Latin Model, Miss Quetzaltenango, Reina del Cafe Pereira, Colombia and more.

In the world of fashion and modeling Mrs Lianabel Rosario has also been able to represent more than 100 companies, TV Commercials, Print, TV Shows, Catalogues, Movies and Productions. Thanks to her elegance and grace, Mrs Lianabel Rosario has worked with high fashion designers, productions and managers in the national and international industry.

There are many reasons why our graduates chose Lianabel International, Inc.

  • Highly trained professional instructors with vast knowledge in their field of expertise..
  • The biggest and best equipped facility, in the Caribbean.
  • We have the Mother Agency with the highest demand. Our models appear on the World Wide Web for international exposure.
  • Founded in 1986, our founder Lianabel Rosario has over 25 years in the Modeling business..
  • In-house professional photographers and studio to insure quality shoots and marketing tools. 
  • We’re associated with «Connect» … With Workshops, Seminars and Programs keeps us on the edge of the industry standards in Runway’s, Commercial’s, Beauty and Acting for all our staff.
  • Internationals placements for our models in Milan, Tokyo, New York, LA, Paris, etc.
  • Annual events, showcases, conventions to New York where our students and professionals auditions with the agents and going to their agency.
  • We’ve graduated thousands that complement their daily professional and personal life with our teachings.
  • Many of our graduates have used modeling as a lucrative career and going into acting and show business.

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